Website Design and Development

Website Design (New Launch, Redesign)

In addition to their initial purposes, websites also hold significance as being corporate brands. We start our process by assigning our expert coordinators to conduct hearings prior to the web designings, for both clients: those who are considering to newly launch one or those who wish to redesign their existing websites. Our coordinators will gain a thorough understanding of your ideas/aims, and design with shared awareness - we work together with you as a team.

Website Translation Service
We provide multilingual website design/translation services in:English / Chinese /Korean / Indonesian / Vietnamese / Burmese / Thai / Malay / Hindi / Sinhalese / French
85% or more of the websites currently designed in Japan fail to communicate effectively to the global market, this is the reality.
Providing website translation and multilingual website design services is one of our expertise.
We support your company in corresponding out to and entering the global market.

Website Design for Diverse Lines of Businesses

Our web design service expand beyond corporate websites. We also provide web designs for a wide variety of operation categories, such as store operations (stores, catering establishments), real estate, hospitals, and welfare services, etc. Utilizing our in-house developed original programs, we have been developing systems which enable us to design websites that grasp constant interest of users, can be easily updated by clients, and can be responsive to emerging requests.

Available for Various Industries' Needs

We are capable of satisfying all needs: even in the case of general companies, from construction matters to cemetries/graves, NPOs with welfare achievment purposes, etc. Our web design are also available for websites targeting general consumers, such as medical related, shopping, and catering establisments.

User Friendly, High Quality Design

Our primary aim and our utmost commitment is focused on designing websites those are favorably accepted by users. The story and usability of website shall lead to image enhancment of the visitors.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The important factor for websites in being ranked higher is the search keyword of end users. We pursue the high ranking of user's website by examining total traffic and hit counts, analyzing the best matching search words. We also develop the websites so that they can be easily indexed by the search engines.


High "Ranking" in Search Engines (SEO)

Effectiveness of SEO ~Knowing a website starts 80% from "Search Engines"~

There are a number of ways to promote your website to be visited by users such as the use of banner ads, and sponsor sites. SEO does not incorporate "pay per click" services where submission payment is required when website is viewed. Implementing SEO and maintaining a high rank in the search engines, will also generate promising advertising effect on the internet. A sustainable effect can be seen once it is highly ranked, creating the potential of having more people visit your website cost effectively.

NEWCOM's SEO Strategies

We work basically on the "robot type" search engines represented by Google or Yahoo.
After deciding the targeted keywords, high ranking will be sought based on those keywords. Search keywords may be compound keywords (eg. Kanagawa lease), or single keywords (eg. fishing).
Please note that achieving high ranking may be difficult with single keywords, as range of relevant website results are too wide. As of recent trend, compound keywords those are easier to search are selected, to catch the attention of users with a more screened range.
We do not use "spamdexing (see note 1)," which are inappropriate methods.

Also, a bonus system will be applied when website is highly ranked.
Arrangements vary depending on number of relevant websites for keyword and search engines, but standard procedure is to set the categories of: No.1~3, No.4~10, No.11~20(Google ranking. Please contact us for details.

※Please note and understand in advance that we may not be able to accept your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requests depending on the contents/category, etc. of websites.
※SEO (Search Engine Optimization) does not fully guarantee increase of traffic, sales, or high ranking. Please note and understand that we assume no responsibility regarding increase of traffic or sales.

(note 1)What is "spamdexing"? →To create websites using inappropriate methods to obtain high ranking on robot type search engines.

Why is SEO necessary?

Method to look for a homepage

When we use the internet to search things, many people utilize search engines. Search engines are said to be used 80% - 90% of the time. When search results are indicated, most of us look at the first, second, then the third page in order, and the more the website is indicated in the back, the less people are likely to check the website. Therefore, for the website to attract many visitors, it is crucial for it to be highly ranked among the searched results.

There are mainly 2 types of search engines
Robot type search engines
Search engines can be generally divided into 2 types. First is the "directory type," represented by Yahoo, and the other is the "robot type," represented by Google. As you can tell by Yahoo switching to robot type as its main function in October of 2005, robot type search engines have become the mainstream hereafter. We conduct our search engine optimization (SEO) working with the "robot type" search engine, represented by Google.

High "ranking" in Google → High "ranking" in search sites
Ratio according to the search engine
Let's take a look at each search engine. Google is positioned as No.1 with majority usage, which suggests its superiority in substantial share of distribution. Therefore, obtaining a high ranking in Google implies a high ranking in major search sites utilizing Google's robot type search engine.


Web Application Development

We provide a wide variety of programs according to your budget and needs, from packaged programs which can be easily implemented with reasonable cost, to original programs to suit your business operations.

Shopping Sites

Shopping site (shopping site building system) is a program which allows full-scale shopping online. Updating product registrations, etc. is easy! Also, settings for shipping cost calculation, payment options, etc. can be easily managed from administrator's screen.

Product Catalogs

For introducing products, real estate, people, documents, etc. Registering/ updating is easy and possible whenever you wish. Suggested for various industries, according to the usage and purposes. Also recommended to those who wish to introduce/sell products, but do not want to go to the extent of shopping carts.

Information Updating Programs

Latest information, What's New, etc. can be easily updated. Cost and operating effective, as you don't have to outsource website updating tasks to web design companies each time. Technical know-hows are unnecesary, and updating can be easily processed as casually as writing an email. Even more effective when used in combination with "Product Catalog" programs, etc.

Email Newsletters Distribution Programs

This program manages the distribution of email newsletters to registered users. Functions vary from simultaneous delivery to all registered users, to delivery to specific users only (opt-in mails). Suggestions made according to the needs and purposes of administrators.