About Us

We are ”NEWCOME”

People meet, and communications begin.
Information is created and is then passed along.
It is this exhange, beyond language and borders
That allows access to the important informations
Whomever, whenever , or wherever we are
It is based on this principle of shared communications
That we aim to be a valuable medium, connecting people to the world.
    New Communication - NEWCOM
This is who we are!

Globalizaton is happening now.
At NewCom,
we can provide a wide range of international services
from media publishing to multilingual translation,
to better assist you in further developing your global pursuits.

At NewCom,
we persevere in our efforts to liaise between people
so that all our futures
may be bright ones.

President 東田 淑人

Company Overview

Corporate Name NEWCOM Co., Ltd.
Specific worker dispatching business Permission number (Specific) 13-305170
Location of Head Office 8F Shin-Otsuka Plaza, 5-9-2, Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0012
TEL: 03-5272-1911
FAX: 03-5981-1228
Company Representative Higashida Shu-jen
Foundation December 14, 1991
Capital 15 million yen
Number of Employees 22
Business Activities Newspaper/magazine publication, advertising agency, translation/interpreting service, real estate business, event planning business, international/domestic telephone communication agency
Permission number Specific worker dispatching business Permission number (Specific) 13-305170
Main Clients Dentsu Inc., Hakuhoudo Incorporated, IT TELECOM Inc., KDDI Corporation, NTT Communications Corporation, Telepark Corp., Usen Corporation
<in alphabetical order>
Main Financing Bank The Bank of Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ, Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corporation, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Legal Advisor Watanabe Mitsuo Law Firm

Our History

1991 Jul. Monthly Chinese newspaper "新交流時報 (New Communication Times)" is launched.
1991 Dec. Monthly Thai newspaper "SUMAI TIMES" is launched.
1992 Jan Interpreting/translation service for Asian country-specific languages begins.
1994 Jul. Monthly Malay newspaper "Malaysia Times" is launched.
1994 Dec. NEWCOM Co., Ltd. is established. (above-mentioned business activities are taken over)
1994 Dec. International telephone communication business begins.
1995 Feb. "留日指南・日本生活情報源 (Guide to Studying in Japan, Japan Daily Life Information)" is issued.
1995 Jul. Real estate agency begins.
1995 Nov. Monthly Vietnamese newspaper "Giao Lu'u" is launched.
1996 Apr. Monthly Indonesian newspaper "Media Nuansa Indonesia" is launched.
1996 Apr. Monthly Burmese newspaper "Myammer Times" is launched.
1996 Apr. Mobile phone sales agency business begins.
1996 Sep. Domestic telephone communication service begins.
1996 Nov. Internet sevice provider service begins.
1997 Feb. Monthly Korean newspaper "Han Times" is launched.
1997 Aug. Monthly magazine "NIPPONPON "is launched.
1998 Apr. Monthly Taiwanese newspaper "Taiwan Times" is launched.
1998 Sep. Tokyo Asian City Festival '98 is held.
1998 Nov. English newsaper "ASIAN CONNECTION" is launched.
1999 Jul. Taipei office is established.
1999 Dec. Monthly Tagalog newspaper "Kaibigan" is re-launched. (Transferred from Admoon)
2004 May Jakarta office is established.
2005 Jun. Bangkok office is established.
2006 Sep. English magazine "Japan Scope" is launched.

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